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We are looking for a winner bagel store manager who can come in take over the reigns expand expand expand and keep rolling in the dough...pun intended. An ideal candidate would be someone who has a passion for managing and being a team player and leader in the food business.

There are obvious managerial duties involved, all of which should be known to an experienced manager. We're looking to expand in a lot of subsections of this market as well as expand our day to day business in general. This isn't the typical easy managerial position and requires patience accuracy and the ability to be a person who wears many hats to make sure everything is running and operating smoothly and efficiently.

Our ideal manager would look to cut costs expand on the marketing to create more sales, quality control, and many other things.

This position pays handsomely and there's many opportunities for financial incentives perks and partnerships for further ventures. There's also profit sharing once certain goals are met and if your fantastic we will even arrange for an apartment in the neighborhood at half cost. We consider all our employees family and if you can help us and expand we want to return the favor and help you share in our joint success. 

As all other managerial positions this goes without say, but it must be said:

Must be patient, dress properly, and must be a team player. Must have great communication skills with the customers and the staff. Must be able to handle very busy situations smoothly and patiently and multi task smoothly. 

This is a results and goal oriented business. You must produce, you must expand for us and perfect our operation. This is not a standing still type of managerial job. This is going to require a lot of brains and experience. We would like to expand delivery to 24 hours increase catering wholesale etc. This position is not for the faint of heart, so please don't apply if your not ready to give it your all because we plan on helping you with our all as well.

We are strong believers in marketing and believe it is a crucial component of successful management and operation. You should believe in that too and have a creative mind. WOW US!!!

Ideal candidates have 10 + years of managerial experience and or 5 years of managerial experience plus some education related to the field.

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