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"Jobs were posted daily..very helpful"

Manuel D.

Buda, TX
"I just entered my resume last night and today I got an email from you about a job opportunity. WOW! Thank you so much, I have been a member of for 2 years and never got results like this. I am in shock over the quality of jobs that are in my area. The personal service makes me feel like your looking just for me. Thanks and again, WOW!"

Teena G.

"I obtained an ideal part-time position to supplement my retirement income, with flexible hours and acceptable pay."

Patricia N.

Springfield, MO
"It's just great to see the retail market jobs here and across the country. I have lived in other areas, like Texas, and enjoy seeing opportunity knocking! Thank you iHireRetail!"

Scott M.

Lafayette, IN
"Pretty easy to do......Very up to date..........Fast responses."

Susan M.

Patchogue, NY
"I found your service very helpful. In the past two weeks, I have received numerous offers for interviews with companies not listed on other job boards. Thank you for this opportunity to try your service. No job board has given the amount of satisfaction as I have experienced with iHireRetail....."

Hope A.

Pasadena, TX
"I just wanted to say thank you for e-mailing my resume to final mark down. I went on an interview today and got the JOB! If it was not for your service I would have never known they were hiring. Once again, thank you very much."

Sandy L.

"I must admit I was a little discouraged at first when I only saw one job posting for the Houston area. Believe it or not, the very next day I got a call back and my resume was submitted to the company. Now I'm just waiting on another call back. The phone interview went very well and I'm really excited!! Thanks so much! "

Chantel P.

Houston, TX
"I found the perfect career within the first month of signing up on this website. It gave me tips on my improving my resume and loved the feature of the scoring my resume to the job description. Thank you so much!"

Missy H.

Overland Park, KS
"I'm so happy with your quick response. Hoping that you can give me the opportunity of finding a job. Thank you very much."

Jose R.

"I wanted to say thank you. Through the help of your services I found a great job."

Tiffany F.

Dallas, TX
"I do not have many friends seeking employment, however I think this website is far more superior than or CareerBuilder. Keep up the good work, while I listen for someone looking for a job and will direct them to directly."

Angelo G.

Reseda, CA
"I..... am very appreciative of the help that iHireRetail has given me. For months I've been looking for work, but nothing was coming my way. One day that the faxes was sent out I got four interviews set up. That's a lot (more) than what I've been getting lately. Hopefully, I will get one of those jobs and be working in the next couple of days. Thank you. I will always come to iHireRetail for help. Now I could tell my friends about a system that really works, and it's free. Thanks again."

Youn Y.

Philadelphia, PA
"I really like this web site. Very nice."

Caprena H.

"First found a temp job through iHire Retail via iHire Real Estate. After six weeks of working as a temp, the company hired me! Yesterday was my first day, and I'm loving it. Thanks iHIre Retail, for helping me get my resume past the robots by showing me easy vocabulary changes I could make to my resume to have it seen."

Nicole C.

Pasadena, CA
"iHireRetail is a great site! I am so thankful that I found it! I can't wait until you guys hook me up with a great job! Thank you!"

Bethany F.

Eugene, OR
"Your service is amazing - I've signed on to all sorts of job finding sites, but yours is the best. Within a day I started getting calls from employers, good ones, and now I have 3 interviews this week! Keep up the good job!"

Lynne A.

San Francisco, CA
"I have not yet seen a site such as this. Today is the first time that I have actually used it and I just wanted to say it is the easiest and most user friendly site I have come across. I have confidence with the help of the iHire team I will find a new career."

William S.

Columbus, OH
"It gave me a wide range of opportunities and options to choose from. Not just a job, but a career. "

Claudia A.

Atlanta, GA
" Excellent exposure! The ONLY site to use!"

George M.

Avon, MA
"Thanks to iHireRetail, I found a job in 6 weeks! I never thought I would find one so fast. My employer had received a fax with my information from you and called me for an interview. I tried all the other internet ways and none of them had the speed that did. I had another interview that went as equally as well with another retailer as well but declined the offer. iHireRetail sent my resume to all the right people. I am most thankful for all you help. It all went so smoothly. Thank you again!"

Jeffrey S.

Lynbrook, NY